4 tips to choose a good property broker

Must have knowledge about the market

Identifying the correct price of a property is essential to obtain a quick and beneficial transaction for all parties. While special training courses are required, every good property broker has knowledge about valuation, securities and real estate market movements.

It must adapt to the needs of the client

Knowing how to listen and identify the preferences and needs of their advisors is an aspect that every broker must develop. Hiring a broker for the administration of the purchase, sale or lease process facilitates the management, since clear objectives are established that make the professional capable of identifying the interest of their clients.

You must know the legislation

Knowing what procedures to perform to facilitate the purchase, sale or lease process, make the necessary contracts and conduct negotiations with banks and institutions involved are some of the main functions of a broker, and choose one that is not trained in these areas can generate serious problems.

Must be proactive and accessible

Hiring a broker to contact you to show you options, advances and updates is important to speed up transactions. Being in constant contact with your customers, responding to their doubts and solving their problems, is a desirable trait for a broker. In a market as dynamic as property, choosing a good property broker can be a great advantage.


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