5 tips to sell your apartment quickly

Of course you are not waiting for double monthly payments, so you want to sell your apartment quickly. Only a sign ‘to buy’ on the door will not work: there is a lot more needed to sell your apartment. We give 5 practical tips with which you can quickly get your apartment

Find a good broker

A good broker is an absolute must if you want to sell your apartment. He ensures that your apartment will be online and findable. In addition, he will also tell potential buyers that your apartment is for sale. Before you start working with a broker, it is good to make sure that it is a good broker. You can best compare brokers to find the right one. If you have chosen a real estate agent that seems right to you, it is wise to try it out. Make an appointment to view a property, so that you discover how the broker works in practice. That way you know where you stand when you have your apartment sold by him.

Remove all unnecessary items

If you want to sell, it is good to remove all unnecessary items. This way people can better see what they are about when they view them. Remove decorations, thoroughly clean up and never leave anything lying around. This way you make a good first impression with your apartment. You do not have to have your apartment as perfect as the one from the magazine, but make sure it’s neat. This is also called sales styling. Needless to say, you give your apartment a thorough cleaning before each visit.

Changes to your apartment

Buyers cannot always look through the defects. It is therefore good to do a round yourself through your apartment and look through the eyes of the buyer. What do you see? Try to solve defects. Mold in the bathroom you try to remove neatly, maybe there is a new wallpaper in the bedroom or the window frames have a paint. Only change things that you can pick up on a small budget. It must be worth the investment.

Have your apartment valued

Valuation of your apartment is not free. So you know by valuing what value the apartment has. The valuation can best be carried out by an independent value. You can make the report available to potential buyers. That saves them money and they also have the information they need at a glance. Although the valuation is not the job of the seller, it may just be the push that buyers need to tack.

Put everything that is needed

Buyers find honesty and openness the most important thing there is. So if you have potential buyers, make sure everything is ready. Do not try to overwhelm the buyers with information, but make sure that everything is immediately available when asked. Your open and honest attitude will give buyers the confidence needed to reach a decision.

Your apartment must of course look good before you can offer it for sale. You should not try to cover up (serious) flaws, but you can ensure that the best sides of your apartment are clearly visible. For example, by doing some painting, you can ensure a neat and well-groomed look. By also choosing a good broker and sufficient information, you also make a reliable impression. This way you make the image as positive as possible for the buyer and the chances are that you will sell your apartment quickly.


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