Looking to buy a used home?

If you lean more for a used home, you need to take into account the following requirements and most common procedures: Check that you have potable water, electricity, sewage or septic tank and public lighting in operation. The walls must be free of settlements, cracks, leaning, moisture or salt. The floors and ceilings should notRead More

Is it a good time to invest in housing?

Now the real estate business offers interesting opportunities to invest in housing. Property investment can be a good time to invest in a home as long as is done in the medium and long term and not as something immediate. Also recommended to analyze the purchase price to the expected return if rented in a given period of timeRead More

How to buy a HUD home through a bad credit

The Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development or HUD (for its acronym in English) oversees the Fair Housing Act. HUD is responsible for ensuring, inter alia, that low-income families have the opportunity to become homeowners. Often, low-income families do not have perfect credit, which can make it difficult to get a mortgage loan. You can buy aRead More