How to buy a HUD home through a bad credit

The Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development or HUD (for its acronym in English) oversees the Fair Housing Act. HUD is responsible for ensuring, inter alia, that low-income families have the opportunity to become homeowners. Often, low-income families do not have perfect credit, which can make it difficult to get a mortgage loan. You can buy a home through HUD with bad credit if you are diligent in your efforts.

  1. Determine how much you can afford to spend each month on a mortgage.
    Before addressing the topic of your credit, use the calculator property to determine how much you can afford to pay a mortgage. You should not try to buy something that you cannot afford; ultimately, you could worsen your credit and possibly lose your home.
  2. Apply a federal home loan with the help of HUD’s website. You can apply directly with a lender approved by the Federal Housing Administration or you can talk to a housing counselor HUD. HUD counselor can help by showing you the best options available to you based on your credit situation. You can find a list of FHA lenders based on specified criteria or you can contact a housing counselor by using information provided by HUD on your website.
  3. Government investigates options. The government offers different programs for different circumstances, such as programs for home ownership through the Veterans Administration or the Department of Agriculture. If you are a candidate for any of these programs, visit the websites of the agencies to get details on how to apply and what is required.


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