How to qualify for a low-income rental Montgomery County, MD

In the United States, there are rental programs that are set aside for low-income families, the elderly or people with disabilities. If you live in Montgomery County, MD, you can rent directly from subsidized apartments at a reduced rent or you can apply through the Authority of Public Housing (PHA) for public accommodation or accommodation option, also known as Section 8. No but not everyone is eligible for a low-income rental in Montgomery County, MD, so it is necessary to determine if you meet certain qualifications before applying.


  1. Meets the requirements of citizenship or eligible immigration status. If you are a US citizen you will fulfill this qualification for a rental subsidy program for low-income, but need to submit a copy of your birth certificate as proof of citizenship during the application process. Certain non-citizens who have eligible immigration status may also qualify and must submit the appropriate legal documents to confirm their status.
  2. Check that your annual income does not exceed income restrictions for your area of Montgomery County, MD. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD, for its acronym in English) establishes income limits, which are based on average earnings in your area. Income limits vary depending on where you live in Montgomery County, MD, so even if you qualify in a city, you could be ineligible in another. For public housing, your annual income must not exceed 80% of the median income in your area to qualify for low income housing, while for rent qualify for very low income must not exceed 50% of the average in your area . To qualify for Section 8, your household income must not exceed 50% of the median income of the area where you want to live. By law, the PHA must provide 75% of its vouchers to applicants with incomes that do not exceed 30% of area median income. To determine where you are in terms of meeting the income requirements to get help from the Authority Housing or Section 8, go to the HUD website Montgomery County, MD and click on the “Get Help for hire”. Search your city and the size of your family to determine if your annual gross income qualifies.
  3. Meets requirements prior rental history. The PHA wants to ensure that anyone receiving low-income rental has not had negative experiences or habits that have been noted by home earlier and that may indicate future problems receiving low-income benefits. You must present this information in your application so that the PHA can review and contact their home earlier.
  4. Confirm that you meet the basic qualifications, and then contact your local PHA. The PHA will use your application to determine your eligibility based on specific requirements for the area you plan to live. For a list of agencies to stay in Montgomery County, MD, go to the HUD website Montgomery County, MD and click on the link in the “website PHA”. These links will direct you to a page with information PHA County as the name of an agency, phone number, fax number and email address; or you will be directed to a page with a list of the websites of the county. Call or contact the PHA in your area to schedule an appointment in which you can discuss your eligibility and complete an application form.


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