Looking to buy a used home?

If you lean more for a used home, you need to take into account the following requirements and most common procedures:

  • Check that you have potable water, electricity, sewage or septic tank and public lighting in operation.
  • The walls must be free of settlements, cracks, leaning, moisture or salt.
  • The floors and ceilings should not have cracks, bulges, moisture or salt.
  • The roof must be waterproofed.
  • Check that doors and windows present good conditions and performance.
  • With regard to wetlands in bathrooms and kitchen, should be covered with some form of impermeable material such as tile or cement flattened covered with enamel paint.
  • Check hydraulic, plumbing, electrical and gas facilities are in good condition.
  • It is very important that the location of the apartment is outside the area of ​​power lines, underground ducts, fuel depots, floodplains or any other factor that represents a risk.
  • Verify that the area where the home is located services is provided education, health, trade, supply, security, communications, transport and recreation.
  • The level of access to housing should be above the level of the sidewalk or flood protection.
  • Check that the title is duly registered in the Public Registry of Property.
  • Verify that payments of property tax, water, electricity, telephone and maintenance (if you are under the condominium property regime) are current as well and if mortgage payments.


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